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Famous Dave's™ Basic Tanning Tips

How To Famous Dave's Basic Tanning Tips

Application: For the smoothest application, it's best to apply Famous Dave's Self Tanner right after you dry off from a shower. Lightly apply to the areas you wish to tan. Rub in smoothly and evenly. Your tan will develop slowly over 4-6 hours. For a darker tan, reapply as often as you would like. Avoid direct use on knees and elbows and wash hands thoroughly with soap after each use to avoid tanned palms.


Application: It is my experience and the recommendation of hundreds of satisfied customers that you should follow the directions below for your first application: 

  1. Apply Famous Dave's Self Tanner lotion on dry skin.    (This is different from the directions on the bottle)

  2. Be sure to apply a sufficient amount (use sparely on face area)

  3. Re-apply after 4-6 hours for a darker tan.

  4. Avoid direct use on elbows and knees and wash hands thoroughly with soap after each use.

Our Top 10 Tips For The Perfect Famous Dave’s Tan
  1. If you are new to sunless tanning, use a very light coat of Famous Dave’s at first to get the hang of applying a self-tanner. For a darker tan, you may re-apply after 4-6 hours, but we recommend that you wait overnight if you are new to self-tanning.

  2. Take a shower, making sure to use a good body scrub like our Peppermint Scrub. Dry your skin completely. Though, slightly moist would be OK.

  3. Most Famous Dave’s Tanners look most natural when applied every 4-5 days (not every day) with the exception of Small Batch Daily, which is intended for everyday use.

  4. Rub our tanner in smoothly and evenly while applying it in a circular motion. You really can’t rub it in too much and over rubbing (without the use of much force) is recommended to avoid streaking.

  5. When applying on your face cover your lips with Famous Dave’s Lip Balm as a barrier lotion.

  6. How to avoid tanning hands: Famous Dave’s tanners are formulated to neutralize tanning when hands are washed in warm soapy water for at least 30 seconds. This will remove the tanning agent from those areas if done within 10 minutes of tanner application. To avoid any possibility of tanner on your hands we highly recommend our Famous Dave’s FAME MITT - tanning application mitt. Mitts also aid in the smoothness of the tanner application.

  7. Allow Famous Dave’s to dry before getting dressed. Depending of the product and amount used, it may take 2-5 minutes.

  8. Avoid direct use on elbows and knees. Famous Dave’s lotions are formulated to work with other lotions as well. You may add a very small amount of our self tanning lotion to your favorite body lotion for a more natural look on knees and elbows, as well as tops of hands and feet (use it very sparingly and wait overnight before re-applying).

  9. Famous Dave’s Tanner works great on faces as well. Just exfoliate as you did your body and apply a very light coat of tanner. We suggest starting with your forehead and working from there. Make sure you get all exposed areas (neck, behind ears, etc.) for the most natural look. Famous Dave’s Small Batch DAILY, and Fair Skin/ Face formula are our recommendations!

  10. After you have reached your perfect tan, we recommend that you moisturize your skin often. We recommend Famous Dave’s Small Batch Daily for this.

How to Remove Excess Self Tanner


If you have not applied the product yet, there are a few things you can do before doing so that will help to prevent this embarrassing problem. Prepare your skin ahead of time. That means you will want to exfoliate your skin very well. Famous Dave’s Peppermint Scrub is our most recommended method as it was specifically designed for this purpose. If you don't have Famous Dave's Peppermint Scrub, there is another method that works almost as well and is found in most kitchens--Baking Soda (aka sodium bicarbonate)!

Baking soda is ph neutral and will be gentle on your skin. It has the ability to neutralize other substances you may have on your skin (soaps, make-up and lotions can be acidic). 

Directions for removing self tanner:

If you have already applied the self tanner and notice an excess of tanner in some areas, You can use baking soda in much the same way. Put baking soda on a damp washcloth and gently rub off the product. It may take a few tries, but it will help remove it.

The best way we have found to remove excess self tanner is a combination of Famous Dave's Peppermint Scrub and baking soda. Mix Peppermint Scrub with baking soda until you have a thick paste. Rub this is a circular motion to help remove dead skin. Rinse with mildly warm water.

NOTE: Please stay away from the eye area with the “Baking soda method”

Exfoliating with baking soda:

  1. After you have washed and shaved as usual in the shower, sprinkle baking soda in one area at a time and simply rub it with your hands, a sponge or washcloth. Work your way around your whole body or just the areas where you will be applying self tanning products. Do this a couple of times and maybe a few more on your elbows, ankles, heels etc. where there may be more dead skin cells. This will remove many of the dead skins cells and will result in a more even tan.

  2. Add a teaspoon of the powder to your favorite facial/body cleanser, mix well, and massage into skin before rinsing off.

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